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Finding and Comparing Champion Part Specifications

Part specifications serve an important aspect in choosing the correct part. The Family of sites has multiple tools to assist you in deciphering part numbers and features.


Part Number Charts:

From any page on the site, click on the "Learning Center" link in the footer.

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Click on "Charts & Tools". 

Use the Heat Range Conversion Chart to compare the heat ranges between spark plug brands.

Use Champion's Numbering System to decipher Champion's alphanumeric part system.

Specification Tools


Part Specification Listings:

All available part specifications have been included in the part details page.

Use the site search box to find the part number you wish to see the specs for. Click on the "Product Specifications" tab. Available specs may include dimensions, features, materials, longevity and warranted life.

Part Detail Page

Specifications Tab


Compare Tool:

Use the "Compare" button to select up to 4 parts within the same product type and compare their specs. Available specs may include dimensions, features, materials, longevity and warranted life.

Click the "Compare" button on all parts you'd like to compare the specs on.

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Click the red "X" next to a product to remove it from the comparison, or click "Clear list" to remove all items.Compare Products Results Page


Examples of how to use these tools...

#1 - What is the difference between Champion RC10YC, RC10PYC and RC10WYPB4?

Using the Champion Numbering System, we see that the last set of letters toward the end of a part designates various plug features, including metal types. RC10YC features Champion's Copper Plus design, their standard nickel spark plug. RC10PYC has the addition of a platinum tipped electrode. RC10WYPB4 has the addition of an iridium tipped electrode.

Champion Numbering System Metal Designation


We can confirm by comparing the specs for these parts, which shows RC10YC has nickel electrodes, RC10PYC has a platinum tipped center electrode, and RC10WYPB4 has a platinum tipped ground electrode, and iridium tipped center electrode.

Champion Metal Specs


#2 - When searching for 3032, there are 2 options. What is the difference between Champion 3032 and 3032-2?

Though the specs tab can provide key difference in part features and dimensions, the part title and bullet points can provide additional help in packaging differences.

  • While Champion 3032 is sold in standard packaging, 3032-2 is a 2-pack of plugs solid in blister packaging.

Champion 3032-2 Specs


#3 - What is the difference between Champion RE10PMC5 and RE14PMC5?

Again using our Champion numbering system, we find that this first number designates the heat range.

Champion Numbering System Heat Range