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How to Protect Yourself Against a Drunk Driver

Time off work is a great cause for relaxation and family reunions… Or maybe it’s a choice between relaxation OR family reunions? Either way, winter weather isn’t the only thing that may make the roads dangerous this season. Here’s some things to watch for, and what NOT to do when you suspect an impaired driver is sharing the road with you.

Impaired drivers commonly:

  • Take extremely wide turns, turn abruptly or illegally, and use turn signals that are inconsistent with their actions.
  • Straddle the center lane or lane marker, weave and swerve.
  • Drive more than 10 MPH below the speed limit, accelerate or decelerate rapidly.
  • Brake erratically or stop at inappropriate places such as green lights or cross walks with no pedestrians.
  • Drive too close to and narrowly miss other cars or objects.
  • Drive with headlights off.
  • Drive with their face close to the windshield.

Car crash from drunk driving

What NOT to Do:

As tempting as it may be to pass the vehicle and get as far away as possible, attempting to pass could result in a collision. Do not try to stop the vehicle, follow too closely, detain or confront the driver.

What TO do:

Stay FAR behind. Its much easier to control a situation in front of you than a situation coming from behind. Report suspected impaired drivers by dialing 911. Give the operator the location, direction of travel, description of car (make model color and license plate number) and information on the drivers behavior.