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What Are the Different Champion Resistor Types?

"R" Type: Most resistor spark plugs feature a standard "R" type resistor. Most Champion "R" type resistor plugs are Champion SAC-9 suppressors. These extremely reliable resistors are formed from strontium carbonate, aluminum oxide and copper oxide powders. The resistance of a plug with SAC-9 suppressors are capable of combating typical RFI, but cannot be accurately measured with typical low voltage ohmmeters. 

"FISS" Type: Fired in Suppressor Seal plugs feature a durable suppressor in the form of a proprietary glass mixture located inside the insulator. FISS plugs can be identified by their black terminal end. Technicians can check the resistance level with a conventional Ohmmeter, which should show a range of 3000-10000 ohms at room temperature.

"Q" Type: Uses a wire wound inductive coil (or electromagnetic suppression) to reduce RFI without negatively affecting ignition performance. "Q" type suppressor plugs are specified for most Evinrude and Johnson outboard engines with CDI.

"X" Type: Have a special resistor to meet more stringent RFI requirements.


To avoid a reduction in performance, resistor types should not be used interchangeably.  Use of a non-OE resistor type could result in engine damage and end plug life.


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